Savannah Wilkinson: My journey to FSU

Before playing basketball I competed in many other sports as my parents are both very active and sports enthusiasts.

My Mum (a very talented swimmer) taught me and my sister to swim from a young age. My Dad (world champion kick boxer) taught us to kick box, in addition we played football, tennis and took gymnastics classes.

When I was competing in these sports I developed a common pattern, one week I wanted all the gear, football boots, tennis rackets, you name it I asked for it. But the next week I had some reason not to train: its too cold, I didn’t want my hair to get wet and I would go to the toilet about 15 times during a session just to get out of it. My parents were beginning to give up and accepting that I wouldn’t be a sports competitor.


In the mean time my older brother was playing basketball, so we went to watch him play and I met Phil Hayfield who told us about Haringey Angels. My parents took me to a training session and I fell in love! I remember all the older girls were dribbling two basketball balls and I was in awe.

The next week I went back and kept trying and as expected I asked my mum for some basketball boots.

My Mum refused to buy me any basketball boots until I had played for 6 months, so there was me playing in strap over Lonsdale shoes.

My mum kept her word. But I went back to training every week, it was the one sport I was excited to play.

I have now been playing basketball for 10 years and Monday 9th November I signed to Florida State University. Honestly, without sounding too cheesy, this has been my dream since the day I played in my first final fours in 2007.

Having met so many amazing people during my recruiting process and visiting 4 outstanding schools, I decided on FSU because it ‘felt right’. I know that I am going to a place where I feel comfortable, part of a family and where I am going to be challenged everyday. My advice to anyone choosing a college would be to make sure it feels right!

I would also like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported, congratulated, taught, guided and been there for me during this process. I have achieved one of my ambitions and cant wait to get out to Tallahassee where better never ends!

– Sav.


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