Freshman Pt 1: Paige Robinson

I had mixed emotions when I was on the plane to Texas. I was nervous excited and already missing home.

When I officially got to Midland, I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that it was going to be a change. The first eight weeks were literally hell. I seriously hated it so much that I was just thinking how am I going to survive it next year. We have 6am practice, lessons and then back to practice from 1-6pm. I would message my old coach Steve Vear asking if this is even allowed.

I have never felt so conditioned in my life, but on the contrast I’ve learnt to hate the word “baseline” . We have trained everyday and on school days twice, not including weight lifting. It was hard to manage the training load and school work at first but you just have to make it work because my coach made it clear; no complete school work = no playing time!

Paige Robinson back middle (jersey #22)

The college system out here is very different to the UK. You have to show up to every class and be alert where our Coach may even show up to class just to check on us! This is nothing like when I was at Oaklands. Most likely the first semester or the first year of college you are in these classes that you don’t choose and literally hate. They are so easy but yet so long and you just end up hating it but know you have to get it done.

Also when you ask a question your whole class is going to turn to you and be amazed by your accent, some may start to ask you the most stupidest questions. Just the other day I got asked if I celebrate christmas in England!!

One of the best things I’ve got out of preseason is I’m getting to know my teammates a lot better.

On our team we have 14 very talented players so in order to get game time I really have to treat every practice session as a game with full intensity every second. One thing I had to understand is that I’m one of many and I didn’t come here to be average.

Staying in touch back home by speaking to family and friends is important to me, not because I am homesick but it is important to stay in contact with loved ones. It really helps!

I am happy that my season has started and my team is off to a great start 3-0 and I am excited for what is yet to come.  It has been really really tough to adjust out here but now I’ve started to settle, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life!

– Paige.

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